Free2Be Radio Podcast

Mario Burton & Grandma’s Hands International

April 3, 2015

Free2Be Radio brings you a conversation with Mario Burton the founder of Grandma's Hands International, Inc.  Listen as Mario tells us what it was like for him growing up gay and black in Alabama.  We talk about family structures, how religion may influence how we interact with our extended family members, the transition Mario made to living in Colorado and his upcoming move back to the South.  

Grandma’s Hands International is an ode to Bill Wither's classic R&B song "Grandma's Hands" which speaks of the impactful ways that grandmothers influence our lives. More specifically, it is an ode to Mario Burton’s own grandmother who has deeply affected his life, as well as the millions of grandmothers across the world who are raising their grandchildren as their own, still working in their ’70s and ’80s, and who haven’t given up the idea that their two hands can make a difference. These grandmothers work diligently and actively in order to contribute to the betterment of their families and communities.

Through partnerships and active community involvement, GHI works to influence the world and the inhabitants of this planet in ways that are meaningful and impactful. The organization will start and manage social enterprises in order to help make organizations and individuals more financially self-sufficient; will provide assistance to communities in need; and will work to contribute to education, human rights, health, sustainability, and other issues that impact the world on a global scale.


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